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Living in Bali with my family

Living in Bali with my family

This picture was taken the year before we moved to Bali.  We were enjoying 5 nights at Club Med Bali and then spent another week in a villa in Seminyak. What an awesome holiday!

It was so surreal being on holidays in Bali knowing in the back of our minds that in a year’s time it would be our new home.

We were lucky enough to have an entire year to plan for this exciting gap year. Plus in August of that year, my husband did a 10-day trip by himself to check things out. He visited schools and rental villas in and around Sanur and Canggu.

As the kids were quite young (Year 1 and Year 2) we decided not to tell them about our gap year away until 6 months before we left.  Still plenty of time to process and talk about it. Once we told them they were very positive about the plan and even wrote cards of appreciation for this giving them this opportunity!

I am amazed at how popular a gap or sabbatical year has become for families all around the world and rightly so because it is the best thing a family can do! I couldn’t recommend it enough! Sure there will be highs and lows but what everyone gets out of it is something that will live with you forever and might even change your entire purpose on life like it did for us.

So if you think it might be possible for you, lets chat!

I can give you the support and confidence to move to Bali and help in many ways. I have most of the answers to the questions you are probably asking yourself right now.

Let’s get in touch and start the conversation on how to live in Bali. Your move is my passion.

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